Running Program

Cardio + Strength Program

In just 8-16 weeks, our running program is your key to reaching your running milestones, from 5k to ultra races. Experience top-notch run training and level up with strength workouts that boost your speed and overall runner's strength. Our program seamlessly weaves together strength training and running, combining a core lift with energizing 3-round circuits or supersets. Achieve your running goals like never before.

Running Program

PrograM Overview

Introducing our comprehensive Running Training Program. This all-inclusive program is designed to help you achieve your 5k, half-marathon, marathon and even Ultra goals while simultaneously building strength and power through weightlifting. Whether you're a seasoned runner looking to enhance your performance or a beginner aiming to conquer your first marathon, this program is tailored to meet your needs and take you to the next level.

Our Running Training Program combines the best of both worlds – running and lifting – to optimize your overall fitness and endurance. With a carefully structured schedule, you'll progressively build your running mileage while incorporating targeted weightlifting exercises to enhance your muscular strength, stability, and injury prevention.

This program is designed by experienced trainers and coaches who understand the unique demands of marathon training. Each week, you'll receive a detailed workout plan that includes a mix of running sessions, strength training, and recovery days. The running sessions will focus on various aspects of race preparation, including long runs, tempo runs, speed work, and endurance building. Simultaneously, the weightlifting sessions will target key muscle groups, such as legs, core, and upper body, to improve your overall strength and running efficiency.

By incorporating lifting into your training, you'll experience numerous benefits. Strengthening your muscles will enhance your running form, reduce the risk of injuries, and improve your overall performance. Additionally, weightlifting helps to increase bone density, boost metabolism, and promote fat loss, leading to a leaner and more efficient body.

Our program also emphasizes proper nutrition and recovery strategies to support your training. You'll receive guidance on fueling your body with the right nutrients, optimizing hydration, and incorporating rest days to allow for adequate recovery and muscle growth. Also included in the program is 1:1 Coaching access with Andrew Linder, Eric Kiewlak and Ryan Horton. You’ll receive the RPM Nutrition Guide, gain access to the private RPM community and RPM app. The RPM app includes instructional how-to videos for every exercise in the program. Lastly, we will have bi-weekly calls to discuss any questions, comments or concerns about your training and progression.

Whether your goal is to finish your first 5k/marathon or set a personal record, our Running Training Program is your ultimate guide to success. Join us today and unlock your full potential as a runner while building strength and power through weightlifting. Get ready to cross that finish line with confidence and pride!

Program Specs
Duration :
8-16 Weeks
Intensity :
Goal Dependent
Equipment :
Days / Time :
Goal Dependent
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